HIOKI PD3129 Phase Detector

Detail Hioki Phase Detector PD3129

The PD3129 is a non-contact phase rotation meter that detecs the phase electrical current flow within insulated wires without using metalic contact voltage clips. The green arrow indicates normal phase, which can be useful for visual reports that document the proper completion of electrical work.

Key Features :

  • Simply clip clamps onto wire insulation
  • Green LED arrow clearly shows phase direction, perfect for visual reports
  • Rotating LED indicator shows the phase sequence for a 3-phase power supply at a glance
  • Intermittent beeps signal positive phase, continious tone signals reverse phase
  • Magnetic base allows the instrument to be secured on a distribution panel.

Specification :

  • Functions : Phase detection (positive and negative)
  • Voltage detection method : Static induction
  • Voltage range : 70 to 1000 V AC (50/60 Hz) (sine wave, continious input)
  • Frequency range : 45 Hz to 66 Hz
  • Object to be connected : 2.4 mm x 17 mm of insulated wiring
  • Display :
    Phase detection : Positive ; 4 LEDs lit in clockwise order and the buzzer sounds intermittently, green arrow lights up
    Negatiive ; 4 LEDs lit in counterclockwise order and the buzzer sounds continiously
  • Battery check function : Power ON lamp: lights up (Power ON), blinks (Battery LOW)
  • Auto power off : Auto shut off if no activity is detected after power is turned ON for 15 minutes
  • Power supply : R6P (AA) manganese battery x 2, continious use: 70 hr
  • Dimensions and mass : 70x75x30 mm, 200g,  cord length : 0.7m

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