Freeze Dryer BK-FD10S Innotech



The lab series freeze dryer is suitable for freeze drying test of laboratory biomedical samples. Widely used in drugd, biological products. chemical and food industries. On the heat-sensitive substances such as antibiotics, vaccine, blood products, hormones and other biological tissue enzymes, freeze drying technology is applied.


  • LCD touch screen
  • With historical data inquiry function
  • With USB interface to export the data
  • Large capacity ice condenser trap and without coil inside
  • With cascade refrigeration technology
  • Pre-freezing shelf can be used as guide barrel to speed up the drying rate
  • Ice condenser trap and operation panel are made by stainless steel
  • Drying chamber is transparent which is visual and safe
  • Shelves are stainless steel, which can be adjustable per the requirements.


Biobase series pilot vacuum freeze dryers is suitable for laboratory samples of freeze drying test, polot use, and a small amount of production :


  • Pre-freezing and drying are in same place
  • With cascade refrigeration technology
  • Silicon oil is intermediate medium in the selves for heating to ensure drying material uniformity.
  • Shelf temperature is adjustable and easy to control
  • Tray ie easy to operate and clean
  • 7 inch LCD touch screen. Adopt PiD intelligent control system.
  • With historical data inquiry function, can store history data for one month
  • Equipped with USB interface on control panel. It cancopy the data and history data directly without additional software.
  • Ice condenser and operation panel are made by stainless steel, corrosion – resistant and easy to clean.
  • Front door is high transparent colorless organic glass, the test process can be easily observed.

Technical Specification

Model : BK-FD10S

Type : Standard Chamber

Freeze Drying area : 0.12 m2

Tray : 4 pcs

Height Between Trays : 50 mm

Cold Trap Temperature : ≤56°C

Cold Trap Capacity : 9.5L

Cold Trap Size : 215 * 260 mm

Vacuum Degree : <10Pa

Water Capture Capacity : 3kg/24h

Tray Size (D*H) : 200 * 20mm

Freeze Drying Time : 24h

loading Capacity/Shelf (Liquid) : 0.3L

Total loading capacity (Liquid) : 1.2 L

Drying chamber Size (Diameter*H) : 260 *310 mm

Refrigerant : R600a + R290 + R23

Cooling System : Air Cooling

Power Consumption : 1.3 KW

Power Supply : AC220V, 50/60HZ (Single phae) ; 110V, 60Hz (single phase )

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