Air Cleaner Honeywell F52G

Return Grille Mounted Electronic Air Cleaner

Features :

  • Models available with one electronic cell and a rated capacity of 1000 cfm (1700m3/hr)
  • Solid state power supply energized by ON/OFF switch; or interconnection to fan coil system if required
  • Solid state power supply self-regulating and maintains peak efficiency during a wide range of cell dirt-loading conditions
  • Pressure drop approximately equal to that of regular fiberglass filter
  • Built-in light in the switch shows that air cleaner is operating
  • Automatic interlock switch disconnects the power when unit is opened
  • Intelligent fan speed detection allows easy interconnection with FCU thermostat

Technical Information :

  • No of cells : One electronic cell
  • Capacity : 1000 cfm (1700 m3/hr)
  • Mounting : Return grille mounted
  • Door/ grille type : Louvered
  • Included accessories : Solid state power supply with air cleaner monitor capability, one electronic cell, pre-filter, door/grille (F52G1012) ; One electronic cell, pre-filter, door/grille (F52G2002)
  • Electrical Ratings : 220V/50Hz (F52G1012)
  • Operating ambient : 40°F to 125°F (4° C to 52° C)
  • Dimensions : 600 mm x 600mm x 442 mm
  • Weight : 16.4 kg (shipped) ; 14 kg (installed)
  • Certifications : UL certified

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