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Air Quality Meter Extech CO30

The CO30 is a CO Monitor which displays Carbon Monoxide (CO) concentration, Air Temperature, and Relative Humidity. The CO30 features a programmable audible alarm with a high decibel beeper, sounds when CO concentration rises to unsafe levels. Unit can be wall mounted or used on a dekstop close to areas of concern. Other features include a visible bright tri-colored (green, yellow, red) LED alarm indicator, a “ZERO” re-calibration function, manual temperature and relative humidity compensation (adjustable), CO Calibration function in fresh air, and low battery indicator. Complete with universal AC adaptor (including US, EU, UK, and AU plugs) and 4 AAA batteries.


  • Alternately displays Carbon Monoxide (CO) concertration, air temperatire, and relative humidity reading (cycles approximately every 6 seconds)
  • Visible bright tri-colored LED indicator : Green<10 ppm, Yellow = 10 to 29 ppm, and Red> 30ppm
  • LCD displays alarm icon, LED light turns red, and loud audible beeper sounds when indoor CO level exceeds set point (defaults at 30 ppm – adjustable); beeper can be temporaly turned off for false alarm.
  • Adjustable audible alarm sounds when reading exceeds one of the seleted ranges : 25 ppm, 30 ppm, 35ppm, 50ppm, 100ppm, 200ppm.
  • “ZERO” Re-calibration function
  • Manual temperature and relative humidity compensation (adjustable)
  • CO Calibration function in fresh air
  • Four display error codes for troubleshooting
  • Low battery indicator
  • Recover to factory setting function
  • Complete with built-in stand, side cover, Universal AC Adaptor (multi plugs US, EU, UK, and AU), and 4 AAA batteries.

Specifications :

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) :
    Range : 0 to 999 ppm
    Resolution : 1 ppm
    Basic Accuracy : ±5% or reading or ±10ppm
  • Temperature (Air)
    Range : 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
    Resolution : 0.1°F/°C
    Basic Accuracy : ±2°F/1°C
  • Relative Humidity
    Range : 20 to 90%RH
    Resolution : 1% RH
    Basic Accuracy : ±5%RH @25°C
  • Dimension/Weight
    Range : 4.4 x 4.3 x 2.1″ (113 x 108 x 53 mm)/ 5.6 oz (159 g)

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