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Comparator 2000+

Spesifikasi Comparator 2000+

Comparator 2000+ With its accessories, the AQUALYTIC® Comparator 2000+ is an extremely versatile, modular system for testing water. It is simple to use yet is uncompromising in terms of precision and reproducibility of results. It is compact and portable. The integrated prism brings the glass standards of the test discs and the coloured sample into the same field of view. Test discs The required accuracy of results is only ensured if stable, fadefree colour standards are used. Glass colour standards are fade-free, resistant to chemicals and scratchproof. AQUALYTIC® standards are made from coloured glass filters. They comply with international standards, e.g. ISO 7393/2. Lighting unit We recommend the use of the battery-operated AQUALYTIC® lighting unit in variable lighting conditions. This guarantees uniform lighting conditions, and ensures greater test accuracy. Cells We manufacture precision plastic and optical glass cells in line with the highest quality standards. The cells ensure high precision and reproducibility of results. Test Kits – Complete kits for water analysis Scope of delivery for standard kits Comparator test kits are supplied as a complete system in a sturdy plastic case. Together with the Comparator 2000+ and test discs, each kit includes all the necessary cells, accessories and AQUALYTIC® tablet reagents (for 100 measurements) to achieve reliable results. The table to the right shows a selection of the most popular standard test kits. Customised equipment In addition to supplying standard test kits, we can construct customised kits to suit individual requirements. Based on the desired test parameters and measuring ranges we will draw up a detailed offer to suit your application Optional accessory All test kit versions allow integration of the battery-operated portable lighting unit TK 102 and charger TK 102/ 1. Operating instructions The operating instructions provide a step-by-step explanation of how to conduct the water test, ensuring that even “non-chemists” can achieve reliable and accurate measurements in the minimum of time.

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