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Elcometer 3101/3 Barcol Hardness Tester Type 936

Product Description

These easy to use hardness testers are ideal for testing the hardness of soft metals, plastics, fiberglass and leather.

Making sure the indenter point is perpendicular to the surface being tested, the instrument is placed onto the sample and a light pressure is exerted against the instrument driving the spring-loaded indenter point into the material and the hardness reading is instantly indicated on the dial. No waiting, pre-loading or separate measurements are required.

There are three models in the range:

    • Elcometer 3101/1 Model 934-1:
      For soft metals such as aluminum and its alloys, brass, copper, and some of the harder plastics and fiberglass. Approximate range 25 to 150 Brinell (10 mm ball, 500 kg load). This unit meets ASTM Standard D2583.
    • Elcometer 3101/2 Model 935:
      For softer plastics and very soft metals
    • Elcometer 3101/3 Model 936:
      For extremely soft materials such as lead, linoleum and leather

To ensure the Barcol Hardness Tester is in calibration, a range of Standard Test Discs is available. Please select the appropriate Test Disc from the list of Accessories to supplement the disc supplied.

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