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Elcometer 3120 Shore Durometer D

Product Description

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Type D Shore Durometers are capable of measuring medium to very hard, highly resistive materials. Examples of materials measureable by Type D Durometers include thick vinyls and rubbers (around 50 Shore Hardness Units) and even soft metals and high-density polyethyene (up to 100 Shore Hardness Units). For accurate readings, the material under test should be at minimum 0.25″ (6.4mm) thick.

The Elcometer 3120 range of Shore Durometers are an easy-to-use solution for testing of material hardness, and have been the standard for hardness measurement since their invention by Albert Ferdinand Shore in 1924. To determine the material’s resistance to permanent indentation, more commonly known as hardness, a pointed steel rod indents the material under a fixed force spring. The hardness value, expressed in Shore Hardness Units, is displayed on the dial. Durometers are typically used to measure the hardness of polymers, elastomers, and rubbers.

It is important to note that measurements of Shore Hardness Units cannot be used to compare materials across scales (a measurement of 60 Shore Hardness Units taken with an A type Durometer has no relation to a measurement of 60 Shore Hardness Units taken with a D type Durometer).

The Elcometer Shore Durometer can be used either handheld or fitted to an optional stand for increased repeatability of measurement. Elcometer Shore Durometers may also include an optional max indicator, to keep the greatest measurement over the course of several tests. An optional certificate of calibration may also be included.

Elcometer 3120 Type A and D Durometers may be used in accordance with the following standards: ASTM D 2240, DIN 53505, ISO 868, and ISO 7267-2.

This product includes the Elcometer 3120 Shore Durometer D, a check piece, and a booklet of operating instructions.

Technical Specifications – Elcometer 3120 Shore Durometer

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