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Elcometer 407L High Gloss Standard Certified

Detail Elcometer 407L High Gloss Standard Certified

High Gloss Standard | Certified | Elcometer 407L
SKU: T40724722

The ability of a surface to reflect light without scattering is known as gloss. Gloss is measured by directing a constant intensity light beam at a fixed angle to the test surface and the subsequent amount of reflected light, at the same angle, is determined and represented by a value in GU’s (gloss units).

The angle of reflectance required to measure gloss is dependent on the surface finish – highly reflective surfaces typically require a low angle of reflectance (20 degrees) – matt surfaces typically require high angles of reflectance (85 degrees).

Combining accurate gloss measurement with state of the art electronics, the Elcometer 407L Glossmeter is a simple to use powerful gauge.

Key features include:

    • Dual (20/60°) and triple angle (20/60/85°) versions
    • Up to 999 reading memory with date and time stamp in 8 batches
    • On screen statistics (x, σ, highest & lowest value)
    • Visual indication of user defined pass/fail limits
    • USB & Bluetooth data output to PC
    • Gloss trend graph
    • User definable measurement display
    • Easy to use menu structure with bright colour screen
    • USB power supply
    • User definable auto-repeat measurement mode (2, 5 or 10 seconds)
    • Standard and fixed batch sizes
    • Scratch & solvent resistant display
    • Calibration Certificate (ISO, UKAS & BAM traceable)
    • Supplied with Elcomaster™ 2.0 data management software

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