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Elcometer 506 Digital Adhesion Tester Kit 20mm

Detail Elcometer 506 Digital Adhesion Tester Kit 20mm

Digital Adhesion Tester Kit | 20mm | Elcometer 506
SKU: F506-20D

Product Description

The Elcometer 506 are lightweight, portable and easy-to-use adhesion testers available in analogue or digital gauges and are suitable for measuring the pull-off adhesion of coatings up to 50MPa (7250psi) either on-site, or in the laboratory.

The design of the Elcometer 506 adhesion testers ensures that a uniform force can be easily applied throughout the range by smoothly rotating the gauge’s crank handle, ensuring repeatable results to an accuracy of ±1%.
The Elcometer 506 adhesion tester’s quick connect coupling allows the simple attachment of 14.2mm, 20mm or 50mm diameter dollies which, together with a wide range of accessories, allows coating adhesion testing on flat, curved, thick and thin substrates – including metal, wood, concrete and other fibrous materials.

The Elcometer 506 test head (actuator) has been designed to be small, ergonomic and lightweight – ideal for single handed testing of coating adhesion even in awkward or confined spaces.

Safe adhesion testing on vertical surfaces has also been considered. Using the magnetic clamp accessory the actuator is held securely – preventing accidental damage to the surrounding areas.


    • Suitable for adhesion testing on metal, wood, concrete and other substrates
    • Rugged & lightweight – ideal for frequent testing
    • Smooth load application up to 50 MPa (7250 psi)


    • Easy to use hand-held design
    • Ideal for adhesion tests in the laboratory and the field
    • 14.2, 20 and 50 mm (0.56, 0.76 & 1.96”) diameter reusable dollies
    • Measures adhesion on small, curved and flat surfaces


    • Measurement range up to 50 MPa (7250 psi) with an accuracy of ±1% of full scale


    • Sealed, heavy duty and impact resistant
    • Dust and waterproof equivalent to IP65
    • Suitable for use in harsh environments

Testing coatings on concrete & low bond strength substrates

When testing coatings on low bond strength substrates such as concrete, wood or other fibrous materials, a larger surface area of dolly is required to improve accuracy, repeatability and reproducability.

The Elcometer 506 Concrete Adhesion Tester can be supplied as a kit or with individual 50mm accessory items (skirt, dolly, cutter) which can be added to existing Elcometer 506 gauges.



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