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Elcometer NDT CG70BDL Ultrasonic Corrosion & B-Scan

Product Description

The CG70 series of handheld ultrasonic corrosion thickness gauges has a large, easy to read display providing users with A and B-Scan options for accurate interpretation of measurements.

Both CG70 coating thickness gauges offer a 2D cross sectional block view providing a graphical representation of a material’s thickness, ideal for accurate analysis and identification of pits and corroded areas.

Taking 32 readings per second in scan mode, the internal data logger stores up to 12,000 readings together with their waveforms. RS232 output to the Elcometer NDT data management software allows ease of analysis and professional reporting.

The CG70 series of handheld ultrasonic gauges has 64 user definable setups and works with a wide range of transducers which can be selected from the gauges internal menu.

The gain control function in Echo-Echo mode automatically adjusts the amplitude of the received echo, but it can be overridden using the selectable low, medium and high gain options to suit the properties of the material being measured, ideal for difficult applications.


    • Range of display & measurement options: Pulse-Echo, Echo-Echo ThruPaintâ„¢ technology
    • Multiple calibration and material selection options
    • Adjustable gain: -30dB to 70dB range
    • Automatic gain control (AGC)
    • 64 User definable setups
    • High speed scan: 32 readings per second
    • Differential and minimal thickness alarm modes
    • Data output and storage: 12,000 readings and waveforms or B-Scans
    • Data management software

For a detailed view of the display, see our measuring and display modes page.

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