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Elcometer P150 Rebar Detector And Wall-Tie Locator

Detail Elcometer P150 Rebar Detector And Wall-Tie Locator

Rebar Detector and Wall-Tie Locator | Mild-Steel & Stainless Steel | Elcometer P150
SKU: W150157E9E

Product Description

A combined unit to determine both rebar and wall tie location.

This fast, rugged gauge is supplied with two detector heads. A standard mild steel 100mm (4″) head and an additional 150mm (6″) detector head allows the gauge to locate phosphor-bronze, copper and some types of stainless steel* wall tie.

The Elcometer P150 can also detect mild and stainless steel rebars, bed joint reinforcement and hoop irons.

Furthermore the Elcometer P150 can locate wiring in plaster walls and is also an excellent stud locator / stud detector which makes it an extremely versatile instrument.

    • High-impact ABS control unit in tough leather case.
    • Search coils encapsulated in expoxy resin for unmatched ruggedness.
    • Unit is switchable to detect or ignore stainless steel.
    • Single control button for on/off and sensitivity/backoff control.
    • Built-in loudspeaker for clear audio signals; Standard 3.5mm stereo jack socket for headphones if required.
    • Operates from four standard AA-size batteries.
    • Fast and accurate – The strongest signal is in the middle of the search head which makes it easy to pin point the wall ties. A clear audio tone assists in the quick and precise location without the need to keep looking at the meter.

Key Features:

    • No need to re-zero – The Elcometer P150 is very stable in all weather conditions.
    • Designed with the needs of the operator in mind – Easy to use, built to last complete with leather case and shoulder strap.
    • Single handed operation – For safety and convenience when working on scaffold or ladders.
    • Dual-purpose Kits also available – For locating phosphor-bronze and some types of stainless steel, rebars and bed joint reinforcement.

*Stainless steel does not give a strong signal. Please either send a drawing or ideally a sample of stainless steel wall tie you need to locate so we can advise or test as necessary.

Technical Specifications – Elcometer P150 Rebar & Wall Tie Locator
Approximate Detection Ranges
Mild Steel / Galvanised Fishtail Wall Ties (100mm / 4″ Search Head)
130mm (5.11″)
Mild Steel / Galvanised Butterfly Wall Ties (100mm / 4″ Search Head)
130mm (5.11″)
Stainless Steel Fishtail Wall Ties (with 150mm / 6″ Search Head)
80mm (3.15″)
Packing List
Elcometer P150/D
Mild Steel
Complete with 100mm (4″) Locator Search Coil, 100m (4″) Directional Search Coil, Leather Case & Plastic Carrying Case
Elcometer P150/E
Mild Steel and Stainless Steel
Complete with 100mm (4″) Locator Search Coil, 100mm (4″) Directional Search Coil, 150mm (6″) Stainless Steel Search Coil, Leather Case & Plastic Carrying Case


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