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Elcometer Paint Booth Inspection Kit Waterborne Version

Detail Elcometer Paint Booth Inspection Kit Waterborne Version

Elcometer Paint Booth Inspection Kit | Waterborne Version


Product Description

The Elcometer paint booth inspection kit, waterborne version, includes everything needed to troubleshoot today’s waterborne paint booths:

    • Elcometer 415FNF high resolution paint thickness gauge for measuring paint thickness over automotive grade steel and aluminium
    • Dwyer anemometer
    • Extech humidity pen
    • In-line air humidity adaptor
    • Raytek IR thermometer
    • Gasttec smoke tube kit
    • Air line tester
    • Tasco 30X Microscope
    • CFM Flow Meter
    • Carry case
    • instruction manual
    • A415CFNFBI: The Elcometer 415 Automotive Body Shop Paint Booth Coating Thickness Gauge provides a simple, accurate and reliable way to measure coatings on all smooth ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces. The gauge auto-switches to read on either ferrous or non-ferrous substrates. This is ideal for measuring paint or powder on both steel and aluminium surfaces such as car body panels or in a powder shop.
    • Air Speed Anemometer (D471-1): This instrument is used for recording the air speed. (An anemometer is sometimes referred to as a wind gauge.)
    • In-Line Air Tester (TDP7096): Provides a filter for debris and sediment.
    • In-Lin Humidity Adapter (T999AIR): Used with Item #5.
    • Relative Humidity Pen (E445580): Used to determine and record the Relative Humidity both in the paint booth and within the airline, itself.
    • 30X Microscope (TAS9705): Provided for the examination of filter papers.
    • Non-Contact Infrared (IR) Thermometer (MT4): IR Temperature Gun.
    • Complete Smoke Tube Kit (STK9500): Used to determine the direction of the air flow.
    • Cubic Feet/Minute (CFM) Flow Meter (WB400KT): CFM, the amount of air flowing through the equipment, is displayed.
  • Custom Die Cut Carrying Case: Provided to house all of these kit components.

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