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Elcometer Paint Booth Inspection Kit

Detail Elcometer Paint Booth Inspection Kit

Elcometer Paint Booth Inspection Kit


Product Description

Designed for the needs of today’s body shop professinal. Includes everything needed to troubleshoot today’s body shop paint booths:

    • Elcometer 415FNF high resolution paint thickness gauge for measuring paint thickness over automotive grade steel and aluminium
    • Dwyer anemometer
    • Extech humidity pen
    • In-line air humidity adaptor
    • Raytek IR thermometer
    • Gasttec smoke tube kit
    • Air line tester
    • Tasco 30X Microscope
    • Carry case
    • instruction manual
    1. A415CFNFBI: The Elcometer 415 Automotive Body Shop Paint Booth Coating Thickness Gauge provides a simple, accurate and reliable way to measure coatings on all smooth ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces. The gauge auto-switches to read on either ferrous or non-ferrous substrates. This is ideal for measuring paint or powder on both steel and aluminium surfaces such as car body panels or in a powder shop.
    1. Air Speed Anemometer (D471-1): This instrument is used for recording the air speed. (An anemometer is sometimes referred to as a wind gauge.)
    1. In-Line Air Tester (TDP7096): Provides a filter for debris and sediment.
    1. In-Line Humidity Adapter (T999AIR): Used with Item #5.
    1. Relative Humidity Pen (E445580): Used to determine and record the Relative Humidity both in the paint booth and within the airline, itself.
    1. 30X Microscope (TAS9705): Provided for the examination of filter papers.
    1. Non-Contact Infrared (IR) Thermometer (MT4): IR Temperature Gun.
    1. Complete Smoke Tube Kit (STK9500): Used to determine the direction of the air flow.
    1. Custom Die Cut Carrying Case: Provided to house all of these kit components.


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