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Fireboy – Safety Bunsen Burner

The FIREBOY ensures highest application safety by providing continuous flame monitoring, over temperature protection and maximal burning times. The units are compatible to common gas types such as butane/propane and natural gas. The smooth, chrome plated metal housing is easy to clean and both UV and solvent resistant.The FIREBOY plus can be operated in three different operation modes – button, sensor or footswitch mode. The automatic ignition, triggered by the optical sensor or foot switch, allows hands-free operation. All functions are easily controlled by the intuitive graphical user interface. If equipped with a rechargeable battery (optional) and a gas cartridge adapter, the FIREBOY plus is independent of any gas distribution system and power supply.

  • Flame monitoring and over temperature protection for safe operation
  • Intuitive graphical user interface for convenient handling
  • Foot switch or optical sensor triggered ignition for hands-free operation
  • Rechargeable battery and gas cartridge adapters for independent and portable use
  • The FIREBOY eco can be rapidly ignited by a footswitch or the push button without the need of a lighter or matches. Two adjustment knobs for air and gas allow easy fine-tuning of flame size and temperature
  • Flame monitoring and over temperature protection for safe operation
  • Foot switch triggered ignition for hands-free operation

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