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Hach Bart Test For Denitrifying Bacteria Pk/9

Detail Hach Bart Test For Denitrifying Bacteria Pk/9

BART Test for Denitrifying Bacteria, pk/9

Product #: 2619309

BART biodetectors are excellent diagnostic tools to help identify the presence and activity of various bacteria.

Denitrifying bacteria indicate the decomposition of waste organic nitrogenous materials. These bacteria reduce nitrate to nitrite and some continue nitrification to gaseous nitrogen (complete denitrification). In water, aggressive denitrifiers can indicate high concentrations of nitrates, and that the sample is probably anaerobic and relatively rich in organic matter. The presence of denitrifying bacteria can indicate that the water has been polluted by nitrogen-rich organics from sources such as compromised septic tanks, sewage systems, industrial and hazardous waste sites. If highly aggressive bacteria are detected, the water should be tested for the presence of coliform bacteria.

    • Simple yet effective method for monitoring the population size and/or activity of specific groups of bacteria
    • Easy to use, requiring no elaborate or costly equipment and no specialized training
    • Effective and affordable tests are easy to interpret and can be performed at room temperature in virtually any environment

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