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Handy Polaris Portable Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

The Handy Polaris is the first Handy with the second generation Handy Probe and microprocessor controlled electronics. The Polaris benefits from advances in sensor performance and improved calibration accuracy whilst maintaining the ease of use of the Handy Beta.

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Activated Sludge Plants is a vital part of process control. The Polaris makes this an easy, fast and reliable process, allowing users to check process performance and the accuracy of any online instrumentation. The Polaris is also great for monitoring DO in Reservoirs, Rivers, Aquaculture and water treatment process.

he handheld monitor has a large display and an extremely long battery life – many months of normal operation. The system carries out a self-check process every time it is switched on and will carry out calibration of the system at the push of a button. The long standing ability to store the probe dry removes the need for regular probe regeneration and means that the system is ready for use straight from the bag.

The Handy Polaris is supplied with a self polarising, galvanic sensor which is self temperature compensating and can be stored dry. There is no need for any maintenance other than wiping the sensor clean after use. The power consumption is exceptionally low, typically providing 1400 hour use from a single 9V battery.

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