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Hioki BT3555 Battery Hitester

Detail Hioki Battery Hitester 3555

The 3555 Battery HiTESTER provides a simple on the spot assessment of the state of compact strorage batteries, including nicad (Ni-Cd) and nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries.

Simultaneously measure resitance and voltage

Model 3555 uses the same AC four-terminal method* as that used on Models 3550 and 3551 for testing lead-acid batteries to measure the internal resistance, and simultaneously measures the battery voltage, to give an immediate Pass/Warning/Fail result

*The AC four-terminal mthod supplies an AC current from the source terminals to the battery being tested measures the voltage drop with the sense terminals. This cancels out the contact resistance and lead resistance, and provides accurate measurement of low resistances. See also the enlarged illustration of the tip of the 9461 Pin-Type Leads.

Three-rank rating of batteru state : Pass, Warning, or Fail

The Pass/Warning/Fail assessment of a bettery’s state is based on a six-way combination of comparisons against and lower resistance limits and a volatge threshold *This result is then indicated by LEDs and a beeper

* The comparison threshold values depend on the battery manufacturer, type and capacity and the must be estabilished by the user

Simple operation

Once the appropriate comparison values for the battery being tested have been entered or recalled from memory, measurement is as simple as touching the pin-type probes to the battery terminals. Since the tester is battery-operated, it can also be used anywhere.

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