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HONEYWELL – IQ Management System

Detail HONEYWELL – IQ Management System

Features and benefits :
  • Reduces time and money spent on storing, analyzing and reporting data/information
  • Sensor Health check improves preventative maintenance
  • Automated “Contractor Lockout” mode
  • Automated alarm configuration template for new instruments
  • Automatic calibration if bump test fails
  • Automated systems monitors the helath of your gas safety programs continiously
  • Docks on network feed on user-controlled database
  • Docks on network automatically update with new saoftware versions
  • Easy to operate- no buttons to press, no switchces to pull.

Product Overview :

IQ Management System provides you with the data you want and can use rather than slowing you down with excess information you don’t need. IQ Management System allows you to configure and customize reports and analyses for your needs rather than conforming to a “one size fits all” model.

Through the networkable dock and system software, you obtain full visibility to information about detector performance, compliance and trending. IQ Management System is fully automated. Users receive automatic emails with configured alarm levels, increased security through password protection and increased workforce productivity by having instruments automatically ready to use at shift changes.

Reduce downtime with IQ Management System’s quick calibration and bump testing. Calibration finishes in two minutes versus the 3-5 minutes it would take to do manually, and bump testing now takes 22 seconds versus the approximate two minutes per instrument when completed manually. This also reduces cost of calibration gas to your company by more than 60% annually.

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