Product Description

With the addition of the voice message feature, this gas detector focuses on worker safety. You can select your language – English, French, German and Spanish – from one of the four that are included with the monitor. The visual language on the 4-line display will be the same language you selected for the voice function. Every function – from immediate warnings to simple on and off functions – is accompanied with a voice message when activated. This feature is especially valuable in poorly lit environments.

The MicroMAX Pro is OSHA compliant and has a rugged case that shields the monitor from dust, water and heavy impact. It also provides superior RFI/EMI shielding. Additionally, the MicroMAX Pro is designed, tested and manufactured under strict ISO 9001 standards, and is UL classified for use in hazardous locations.

The MicroMAX Pro combines diffusion and built-in internal sampling pump systems for simultaneously monitoring up to five gases. The internal pump allows for easy pre-testing in confined spaces and provides almost instantaneous readings of gas concentrations. In order to save power, the pump can be switched off and the diffusion mode will take over.