Professional digital multimeter CAT IV

Model HT327 is the device with the highest performances in the new 320 family of multimeters, which also includes devices HT321, HT322 and HT326, designed and developed according to the criteria of measurement category CAT IV 600V and, therefore, appropriate to operate also next to power supply sources in which a high safety standard is required.
HT327 mainly carries out DC/AC voltage and DC/AC current measurements up to 10A in true root mean square value (TRMS) for precise readings also in presence of distorted waveforms of input signals, with complementary functions of Resistance, Continuity tests, Diode tests, Capacity and Frequency measurements. This device has been designed in compliance with safety standard IEC/ EN61010-1 with Class 2 protection (double insulation). Multimeter HT327 is provided with a wide LCD display with backlight and each function can be selected through a 10-position switch. Further provided functions are the HOLD function to freeze data on the display, Relative measurement, MAX/MIN measurement, Voltage and current peak measurement and the possibility of inserting the manual change of capacity. The device finally has an Auto Power OFF function which activates after 30 minutes’ idling in order to preserve the device’s internal battery.