HT9020 have been designed for measuring DC, AC+DC TRMS current up to 1000A to obtain CAT IV 600V in compliance with standard IEC/EN61010-1.

HT ITALIA – HT9020 carries out measurements of Active, Reactive and Apparent Power and Energy, voltage and current harmonic analysis up to the 25th order with THD% calculation, in single-phase or three-phase balanced systems. It also tests phase sequense and phase conformity by 1-lead measuring method as well as detecs any event related to electric motor starting currents (DYNAMICINRUCH). DYNAMIC INRUCH™ permits to measure inruch currents with user-defined time frames, providing measurements more reliable than standard fixed time-frame testers. The user has the chance to recall and display the measurement by applying a time frame of : 16,7,20,50,100, or 200 ms. This grants the utmost flexibility for each measurement, and prevents to measure again and again to get the real inruch current value. HT9020 is provided with traceable calibration certificate.

Specifications :

  • Maximum diameter for clamp
  • TRMS
  • Current measuring rrange : 1000A
  • Measuring counts
  • AC/DC voltage : 1000V
  • AC/DC current : AC+DC
  • Resistance and continiuty test with buzzer
  • Frequency
  • AC/DC voltage, current measurement/recording
  • Measurement/recording of active, Reactive, Apparent AC/DC Energy
  • Measurement/recording of Cosphi, Power Factor
  • Measurement/recording of V-1 harmonics up to the 25th with THD%
  • Inruch Current measurement (INRUCH)
  • Phase sequence and phase concordance
  • Data hold
  • Bar Graph
  • Max/Min
  • Peak
  • Backlit  LCD display
  • Autorange
  • Auto power off
  • Power supply
  • Measurement category : CAT IV
  • Weight in grams (batteries included)