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Product Description

THISYS offers an accurate, fast and uncomplicated measurement of the thermal conductivity of thin samples of high thermal conductivity materials. Typical samples are sheet materials of metals, alloys and high conductivity plastics with various filler materials. Metal samples are ideally in the thickness range of 0.1 mm or less, plastic samples typically in the thickness range of 6 mm, composites in between. THISYS is a combination of a Thin Sample Instrument (THI01) and a Measurement and Control Unit (MCU). The measurement essentially determines the temperature gradient across the sample when it is heated, in the plane of the sample itself. Employing a specially designed high accuracy thermopile sensor THI01 can handle thin sample materials (less than 0.01 to 6 mm) usually in the thermal conductivity range to 200 W/mK. Following this method, problems with contact resistance are avoided. The method is a good alternative when procedures according to ASTM D5470 are failing. Using a climate chamber a large temperature range can be covered, performing measurements at regular intervals. THISYS is fully PC controlled. For use with low thermal conductivity materials a different model, type THASYS, is available.

SpecificationTest method : thin sample analysis
Temperature range : -30 to +120 °C
Accuracy (λref) (depending on samples) : depending on reference, typically +/- 6% @ 20 °C with H. λ around 4 10-3 m2K/W
Repeatability (λref) : +/- 2% @ 20 °C
Total measurement time : 3000 s (typical)
Power requirements (switched) : 15 V, 0.8 Watt (typical)
Heater (resistance, diameter) : 50 Ω, 80 mm
Sample requirements : H = up to 6 mm A around 70 x 50 mm H.λ = 1 to 5 10-3 m2K/W
Sample surface A: preferred 70×110 mm, always > 50×50 mm
Temperature sensing Pt100 : Class B, IEC 751:1983
Traceability : NPL National Physical Laboratory UK
Differential temperature readout : 0.5 μV @ 0 – 30 °C
Pt100 readout : +/- 0.2 °C @ 20 °C
Voltage input/output : 220-110 VAC / 15 VDC
Communication : RS232

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