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LUTRON DM-9023 Capacitance Meter

Detail LUTRON DM-9023 Capacitance Meter :

Features :

  • This digital capacitance meter give a direct reading of capacitance on 3 1/2 digits LCD display. Nine ranges give precision readings from 0.1 pF to 20,000 uF, which includes virtually all capacitors used in electronic engineering labs, production, service shops, and schools. It can be sed to heck tolerance, sort values, select precision values, measure unmarked capacitors, select matched sets, and masure cable, switch or PCB LAYOUT capacitance. Its battery operation, light weight, and samll size make it a trully portable measurement.
  • Large LCD display, clear read-out even in bright conditions.
  • Low power consumption
  • High accuracy in measruring
  • LSI-cicuit use provides high realibility and durability
  • Uses rotary ranges switch for easy operation
  • Low battery voltage indicator
  • Fast sampling rate

General Specifications :

  • Display : LCD, 18mm (0.7 inch) LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display), Max. indication 1999
  • Range : 9 ranges with full scale values from 200 pF to 20,000 uF
  • Overload indication : Indication of 1
  • Zero adjust : Front panel adjustment control. This is limited to approx. 20 pF
  • Out of Range indication: Indication of 1
  • Sampling time: Approx 0.5 second
  • Operating temperature : 0C to 50C ( 32F to 122F ).
  • Operating humidity : less than 80% RH
  • Power supply :  DC 9V battery
  • Battery life : Approximately 200 hours on alkaline or 100 hours on carbon zinc battery with normal usage. (Typical consumption current 3 to 4 mA on pF to 200 uF range)
  • Dimension : 185x87x39 mm
  • Weight : 290 g/ 0.64 LB (including battery)

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