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Detail LUTRON EMF-819
3 Axis RF Electromagnetic Field Meter
  • 3 axis probe
  • Radio frequency elllectromagnetic filed tester
  • Wide measuring frequency ranges, 50 MHz to 3 GHz
  • EMF-189 is used for broadband devices of monitoring the wide range radio frequency electromagnetic field value
  • For precision measurement consideration, the meter is included one probe : EP-05H (Frequency range : 50 MHz t0 3 GHz)
  • Unit : V/m, W/m^2, mW/cm^2
  • Frequency selection, two points : Normal, 2.45 GHz
  • Alarm setting function can warn the user if the measuring antenna is to near the strong radiation sources, the buzzer will sound to remind the user
  • Peak hold function to latch peak value
  • Data hold function to lock the current reading
  • RS232 computer interface
  • Hard carrying case is included
  • Large size LCD with contrast adjustment, which can fit best viewing angle
  • Microcomputer circuit provides special function and offers high accuracy
  • Powered by 006P DC 9V  battery or DC 9V adapter


This meter is specially develped for measuring or monitoring electromagnetic field, for example: Cell-phone station, hospital equipment, radar, micro-wave oven, radiation work, TV antenna, Radio station, welding equpment, baking-equipment, television, computer, factory, laboratory, and other environment…etc



  • For worker’s safety, be aware that persons with electromagnetic implant (e.g cardiac-pacemarker) are subject to especial danger in some case
  • Particular to onserve the local safety regulations of the operator of the equipment
  • Before using the device, it need to know that how to setting “alarm-limit” value


  • Claims by some scientist that long term exposure to electromagnetic field may be the cause of childhood leukimia and other forms of cancer
  • Complete answer to any of these and related questions are not currently available. At the present time the most commom practice is to avoid excess exposure over long period of time.
  • Complete answer to any of these and related “prudent avaidance” as stated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  USA is recomended
  • According to ICNIRP of reference levels to time-varying electromagnetic files. The E-fiield  strength levels are :
    General Public :

    Frequency range  e-field strength (V/m)
    10 to 400 MHz 28
    400 to 2000  MHz 1.375 x  f^1/2
    2 to 300 GHz 61

    Occuptional :

    Frequency range  e-field strength (V/m)
    10 to 400 MHz 61
    400 to 2000  MHz 2 x  f^1/2
    2 to 300 GHz 137


  • Circuit : Custom one-chip microprocessor LSI circuit
  • Display : LCD size 58×34 mm
  • Measurement unit : V/m, W/m^2, mW/cm^2
  • Accuracy : < 2 dB
  • Probe structure : 3 axis
  • Probe input mpedance : 50 OHM
  • Frequency selection : Two points selection : Normal, 2.45 GHz
  • Sensor structure : Semiconductor
  • Data hold : Freeze the display reading
  • REC Function : Record maximum and minimum value
  • Power off : Auto shut off saves battery life or manual off by push botton
    Can default auto power off or manual power off
    * When default auto power off, power will off automatically after 10 min. if no button be pressed
  • Peak hold : To latch the peak measurement value
  • Alarm setting : Buzzer will sound when display over the setting value
  • Sapling time : Approx. 1 second
  • Low battery indicator : When display show low battery indicator, it should change the batteries
  • Data output : RS 232 PC serial interface
  • Operating temp : 0 to 50 C
  • Operating humidity : Less than 80% R.H
  • Power supply : 006P DC 9V  battery (heavy duty or alkalinee type) or DC 9V adapter
  • Power current : Approx DC 5.59 mA
  • Weight : 425g/0.94 LB
  • Dimension :
    Main instrumenent : 200.0 x 76.2 x 36.8 mm
    Probe : 70mm (diameter) x 240 mm (length)

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