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Lutron YK-2001PH Intelligent PH Meter

Detail Lutron YK-2001PH Intelligent PH Meter

Features :

  • Master meter is a proffesional pH/mV meter with pH and mV ma\easuring function
  • Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible accuracy
  • Optional expandable plugs satisfy your different measurement demands on time on conductivity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, pH measurement.
  • Wide applications : water conditioning, aquariums, beverage, fish hatcheries, food processing, photography, laboratory, paper industry, school and college.
  • Record maximum and minimum readings
  • Data hold, °C/°F, RS232 computer interface
  • Auto shut off saves battery life. Built in low battery indicator
  • Auto (optional probe) manual (built-in) temperature compensation function enables accurate measurement on different solutions.
  • Heavy duty and compact housing case designed
  • pH function with high input impedance avoids neasuring error

General Specifications :

  • Circuit : Custom one-chip microprocessor LSI circuit
  • Display : Dual function meter’s display, 13 mm (0.5 inch) Super large LCD display
  • Measurement :
    pH :0-14 pH
    mV : 1999mV
  • Calibration : one button calibration. Calibrate pH 7, pH 7 and pH 10 by push button
  • Input imp[edance : 10 12ohms
  • Temperature compensation for pH measurement :
    Manual : 0-100°C 
    Automatic : with the optional temp. probe (YK-200ATC), 0-65°C 
  • Power off : Auto shut off saves battery life or manual shut off by push button
  • Data hold : to hold the reading values on display
  • Intelligent functions and optional accessories :
    – The instrument can plug in the optional conductivity and TDS probe (YK-200PCT) Conductivity probe (YK-200PCD) Dsissolved Oxygen probe (YK-200PDO) to become a professional conductivity meter, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter, and Dissolved Oxygen meter.When change a new probe, no calibration prodecures are required to be done
    – The isstrument has mV (millivolt) function to work ORP probe (ORP-04 optional) to be a professional ORP meter any other precise mV measurement.
  • Data record : Record max. Min. reading values on the display
  • Data output : RS232 PC serial interface
  • Over load indication : on the display
  • pH electrode : Any combination pH electrode with BNC connector
  • Operating humidity : Less than 80% RH
  • Operating temp. : 0-50°C  (32-122°F )
  • Sampling time : Approx 0.8 second
  • Power display : 
    – 006P DC 9V, MN1604 (PP3) battery or equivalent
    – Alkalibe or heavy duty type
  • Weight : 250g/0.55 LB
  • Size : 195x68x30 mm 

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