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Measurement Data Management Mitutoyo USB-ITPAK V2.0

Common Optional software IT-016U/USB and U-WAVE

Measurement data collection sftware USB-ITPAK V2.0 (IT-007R are not supported)

Upgraded USB-ITPAK now support U-WAVE, a wireless communication system. Both wired connection (IT-016U/USB-ITN) and wireless system (U-WAVE) are supported.

New  Function of USB-ITPAK V2.0

  • Support the U-WAVE wireless communication system
  • Timer Input Function
  • Measurement date/time display
  • Others : Compatible with Windows 8, 64-bit OS, snd Russian included in the operating languagr selection

USB-ITPAK V2.0  creates a procdure to input data from gages equipped with Digimatic output to excel sheets via USB-ITN or U-WAVE. This optional software facilitates the daily inspection work from mass-produce product.


The combined use with USB-ITPAK V2.0 will improve the operational efficiency 0of repetition ispection work. Best suited for keeping track of inspection data of mass-produce products.

  • Automatically calls Excel sheet
  • Cursor move can be specified
  • Input range can be specified per Digimatic gage, which reduce improper input.
  • The last data input can be canceled by a single operation (foot switch, function key,etc)
  • Data input or cancellation can be performed at once in multiple-points simultaneous measurement.

Main features of USB-ITPAK V2.0

  • Setting of Microsoft Excel Input :

Designation of where to input  (workbook, worksheet, cell range), cursor move (right,down),                   and anothers.

  • Selection of measuring method (3 modes avaliable)

(1) Sequential measuremet (2) Simultaneous (3) Individual measurement

  • Control item and instruction at data input (Note 1 : Not avaliable during individual measuremen, Note 2 : Not avaliable during simultaneous measurement in the event drive mode)
  • Number of connectable gages (Note 3 : The actual number can be less depending on the system configuration)
  • Data loading time : when using USB-ITN, 0.2s to 0.3s per gage unit U-WAVE event  drive mode : 0.5s data refresh interval
  • Timer input function (only in simultaneous measurement)

Input interval (time) : 0.1s (Note 4) to 24 hours at maximum

(Note 4 : if a sorter time is set, a priority is given to the onger time compared with the actual                         communication time)

  • Measurement date/time display function (avaliable in sequential and simultaneous measurements)

The display format is subject to the setting of the Excel sheet.

USB Foot Switch Adapter USB-FSW

This USB adapter for conecting a PC is required when using the Foot Switch in USB-ITN.

A dedicated VCP driver for this adapter is included in USB-ITPAK

Main Spesification :

  • With USB -ITPAK, application of the foot switch can be set.
  • Data control : “Data request”, “Data Cancel”, “Data skip”.
  • Chracter string input (e.g. GO/NG, etc)

* USB-FSW is used for installation of the VCP driver

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