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Measurement Data Network System Measurlink

Measurement Data Management

Measurement Data Network System Measurlink

  • Measurlink is a data management modular software system that enables connecting data from a wide range of Mitutoyo measuring tools and systems including Coordinate Measuring Machines

Measurement data storage can be centralized by implementing a network system using a compani LAN. Quality information such as checking, monitoring, analysis of the measurement sesult and creating inspection reports an be shared among separate offices to maximize efficiency.

  • Measurlink supports anything from stand-alone, small-scale systems to large-scale systems utilizing a PC network environment. Expansion from a stand-alone installation to a network system can easily be performed, allowing a gradual upgrade from  a single-test operation in one section to a full-scale operation.


MeasurLink V7 Data Collection/Analysis Software

Real-Time Standard (RT Std)
Real-Time Professional (RT Pro)
Real-Time Professional 3D RT Pro 3D)

MeasurLink Real-Time is the statistical Process Control (SPC) MeasurLink module that collects data from Mitutoyo and third-party measuringdevices and systems to provide analysis functionality in real-time by displaying controls charts or process capability indexes. Three versions are offered so that a customer can choose the version that best suits the requirements, from a standard version providing basic functionality through to the full-spec version offering data handling using Hoops 3D grapichs

Measurlink Real-Time common fuction

  • Various data views

The measurement results are displayed in various views, including statistical analysis result, data list, ad work process imaging. The display can be switched instatly according to the needs of the operator.

*Data sheets

Individua data can be displayed in the list per measurement item.

*2D View

A word balloon functiion is available having a picture or a diagram of the workpiece on the back. It can be used as work process instrutions.

*Classic SPC view

Graphs and lists can be freely selected to display data of single measurement item. It is useful to check detailed information such as date and time of the acqured data.

  • Adding traceability information

Traceability information for each workpice can be added, for example, serial no.,rod no.,ispector name, machine no., or cause of problems and remedied .

This information can be used as search criteria when extracting data using the filtering function (RT Pro/ RT Pro 3D) when a problem occured.

  • Alarm Function

The operator is notified when “Out of Tolerance” or “Out of control Limit” occurs.

The method of notification can be selected from a pop-up window, e-mail, or file recording.

  • Exporting data to an Excel file 

Measurement data can be exported to an Excel file. This function is useful if the datamneeds to be used in a departement that does not have MeasurLink.

Real-time Professional 3D is a full-spec package. The feature to be measured can be displayed in detail using 3D  CAD data.

  • Automatic linking with part programs

Linking with part programs created in CMM or Vision Measuring Systems, data such as part no,; measurement item ; nominal size ; tolerance value and more can be loaded from a part program. A database to store all of the data is automatically configured when a part program is run.

  • Filtering function

Required data can be easily extracted based on the date and time of the measurement, added comments, or alarms.

  • Import Function

Measurement data saved in ASCII files can be loaded. Also, a feature to customize a template for loading according to the format is provided.

MeasurLink Real-Time Professional 3D function

  • Real-Time Professional 3D is a full-spec package

The feature to be measured can be displayed in detail using 3D CAD data.

*3D View

3D graphich library HOOPS display real view of the workpiece using an hsf file created from 3D  CAD data. The displayed workpiece image can be freely turned, translated, or scaled so that you can get a clear view of the feature to be measured

The word balloons and lead lines that display the measurement result and measured feature will move following the CAD data translation.


MeasurLink V7 Optional Process Analysis Software for Administrators

Process Analiyzer Lite (PA lite) 
Process Analyzer Professional (PA Pro) 

Process Analyzer is an optional software package provided for admiistrator who are authorized to acces the database created by MeasurLink Real-Time for the purpose of checking and analyzing measurement results. Two types of pakages are made available : Process Anayzer Lite, the basic version ; and the full-spec Process Analyzer Professional version.

  • PA Lite base version for viewing the measurement database

Data stored in the MeasurLink database can be checked from the selected list

The same data displayable by data collection software can be displayed, including measurements  result, charts, and statistical calculation result with the look and feel of the Windows Explorer.

  • PA Pro is a full-spec package that provides additional data check and analysis capability

can also perform various analyses by filtering, data processing, etc., in addition to data checking

  • Filtering fuction that allows data extraction and grouping

Data can be extracted or grouped by selecting the date and time and other traceability informatin as  keywords.


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