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Measurement Data Wireless Communication System U-WAVE

Measurement Data Management

Measurement data wireless communication system U-WAVE

  • Data from Digimatic gages can be loaded to a PC easily
  • Wireless communication eliminates cabling, improving measuring operability
  • The data interface function of the U-WAVE-R standard accessory software enables data input to commonly available software by keyboard input (Microsft excel*, Notepad, etc)
  • USB-ITPAK V2.0 supports U-WAVE

Loading multiple measureent data into separate Excel sheets, or simultaneous measurement using the special vent drive is now available withoutthe need for macro programming. (Automatic loading in a certain interval is available with the timer function.)


Data from digimatic gages can be loaded to a PC easily by using items 1 to 3 below.

  1. U-WAVE-R

Receives data from U-WAVE-T and loads to a PC via USB

Model U-WAVE-R
Power supply USB Bus system
Number of U-WAVE-R units that can be connnected to one PC up to 16
Number of U-WAVE-T units that can be connnected Up to 100
External Dimension 140 x 80 x 31.6mm
Mass 130g

U-WAVEPAK software (standard accessory)

System Environment: Compatible OS

Window 2000 Professional (SP4 or later)*

Windws XP Home Edition (SP2 or later)*

Windows XP Professional (SP2 or later)*

Windows Vista*, Windows7*, Windows 8/8.1*

*Revision History (U-WAVEPAK)

Ver1.010 or later is compatible with 32/64-bit OS

Ver1.020 or later is compatible with Windows 8

Ver1.021 or later is compatible with Windows 8.1


Main spesification

  • Setup of dedicated driver software (USB and virtual COM port)
  • Initial Setting of ID number and frequency selection (required only once for first time)
  • Load data to microsoft Excel or notepad through data interface function
  • Note : Cannot be connected to a device oter than a PC (such as DP-1VR,PDA, or controller).


Transmits measurement data to U-WAVE-R. Select IP67 or buzzer model, according to your application. U-WAVE-R can be connected to Digimatic gages by dedicated cable for U-WAVE-T (option)

Model U-WAVE-T (IP67 type) U-WAVE-T (buzzer type)
Order No. 02AZD730D 02AZD880D
Protection rating IP67 None
Data reception indication LEDs Buzzer and LEDs
Power supply Lithium battery CR2032 x 1
Battery life Approx. 400,000 transmission
Dimensions 44 x 29.6 x 18.5 mm
Mass 23g


3. U-WAVE -T dedicated connection cable

A dedicated cable connects a Digimatic gage to U-WAVE-T. Check the connector compatible with the Digimatic age to be used and select eitherstandard type or foot switch type acccording to your application


Type Standard connecting cable Connecting cable for foot switch
Part Nos Parts Nos.
(A) Water-Proof model with output button 02AZD790A 02AZE140A
(B) Water-Proof model with output button 02AZD790B 02AZE140B
(C) With data-out button 02AZD790C 02AZE140C
(D) 10-pin plain type 02AZD790D 02AZE140D
(E) 6-pin round type 02AZD790E 02AZE140E
(F) Plain type straight 02AZD790F 02AZE140F
(G) Plain type straight water-proof model 02AZD790G 02AZE140G


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