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MITUTOYO SV-C4500CNC Formtracer

Formtracer Extreme SV-C4500CNC

SERIES 525-CNC Surface Roughness and Contour Measuring Systems

Description :

High accurate fully CNC surface and contour measuring instrument.

The Formtracer extreme SV-C4500CNC offers you the following benefits :

  • Powerful as two separate, fully CNC instruments
  • Measurement of long distances in Z2-axis for models without α-axis
  • Each axis has a drive speed up to 200 mm/s
  • Dual stylus system for upward and download contour measurement at doubled sided countours.
  • It’s variable contour measuring force is controlled by software FORMTRACEPAK
  • The contour drive unit is equipped with an arc encoder detector giving excellent accuracy and resolution in Z1-axis
  • Perfectly made for increased throughout of multiple profile and workpiece measurement tasks.
  • The detector unit incorporates an anti-collision safety device, causing it to stop automatically if its main body collides with a workpiece or jjg.
  • High-accuracy stylus type CNC Surface Roughness/Contour Measuring Systems that allows measurement of surface roughness and form/contour with one unit through detector replacement
  • The X1-,Y- and Z2-axes have a maximum drive speed of 200mm/s. This permits high-speed positioning that can potentially result in a large increase in the throughput of multiple-profile/multiple-workpiece measurement tasks
  • For models with axis, it is possible to perform continuous measurement over horizontal and inclined surfaces by power tilting the X1 axis. In addition, automatic measuring force adjustment function of Z1-axis detector for contour measurement enables automatic measurement with constant measuring force even with the X1 axis titled
  • For model with the Y-axis table, it is possible to expand to measuring range for multiple workpieces, etc. through positioning in the Y-axis direction.
  • Detector for contour measuring systems (Z1 axis). Accuracy ±(0.8+|2H|100)μm
  • For the model without an axis, indication accuracy of the Z2-axis (column) is guaranteed. For this reason, it expands the measuring range of the Z1 axis (detector) in form/contour measurement by using the Z2-axis tracing function.
  • 2-axis simultaneous control in the X-and Y-axis direction enables inclined plane measurements
  • When the Z1-axis detector for form/contour measurement is replaced with that for surface roughness measurement, or vice versa, it is a simple, one-touch replacement without rerouting of the connecting cables.
  • Since the  Z1-axis detector incorporates an anti-collision safety device, the machine will automatically stop if the detector touches a workpiece or jig.
  • Optional external control function (Ext I/O) through bidirectional communication (RS-232C) with the PLC (programmable logic controller) is available.

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