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RFM300 Series Refractometers including RFM300-T

The RFM300 Series of refractometers are the result of a combination of over 100 years’ experience in design and manufacturing led by customer needs. With a wide measuring range and Peltier temperature control of the flat, easy clean prism, the RFM300 Series refractometers offer extremely rapid temperature stabilization of the sample no matter which model you choose.

The powerful processor enables readout in many different scales including °Brix, RI, and HFCS; whilst the simple to use menus can be displayed in a number of different languages.

Whether you require a high resolution touchscreen interface with 7” screen, available on the RFM300-T, or a more tactile approach with the RFM300-M’s durable membrane, you’ll find a graphical user interface with easy to use menus giving this powerful refractometer series a fresh, modern look and feel.

A methods system enables simple operation by any user no matter what skill level; especially for applications where the reading is required to be offset so that results equal an alternative measurement type (e.g. oven dried, density) or where a correction is applied such as for citric acid in orange juice.

The RFM300 Series of instruments is perfect for measurement and control in demanding food, beverage, chemical and industrial applications.

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