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SANWA MG5000 Insulation Resistance Tester

The measurement of insulation resistance is performed to check insulation status of electric equipments and circuits, which constitutes one of impartant measuring items for safety control. The measurement of the insulation of electric equipments and circuits is made using an insulation resistance tester by stopping the operation of the elcetric equipments and circuits (by stopping power distribution). Voltage of several megohms to tens of megohmsis measured in case of the measurement of insulation resistance of electronic parts abd electric equipments, and voltage of 1MΩ or less is measured in case of electric works for interior wiring and others.

The resistance of a digital multimeter or multitester covers the applied voltage (measured voltage) of approx.0.3V up to 12V. An insulation resistance tester needs to make measurements at voltage higher than the working voltage of circuits and electric and electonic\ equipment to be measured. The table on the right lists examples of rated voltage and uses of the insulation resistace tester.

This instrument is a high voltage insulation resistance tester for use in measurement of insulation resistance of a power line and power equipment within range of 600V under CAT.IV.

  • Test voltage DC5000V/2500V/1000V/500V/250V
  • Insulation Resistance up to 1TΩ
  • Short circuit current up to 4mA
  • Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)
  • Polarisation Index (PI)
  • Auto discharge function
  • Data hold (auto)
  • Auto power save about 10 minutes after the last operationO
  • Display : numeral display1200
  • Sampling Rate : 3 times/second
  • Safety : IEC61010 CAT.IV 600V

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