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Sound Level Meter Rion NL-42

The Sound Level Meter NL-42 provide full support for the measurement process. Were developed to eliminate the trouble of reading instruction manuals when conducting measurements.

Large and easily viewable three-inch LCD color display. The unit (except for the microphone) is water-resistant, which means that it is unaffected by sudden rain showers. You can use rechargeable batteries to help cut down on waste, making this an environmentally friendly product.

Detail Product

  • Large Color LCD Screen : Three inch LCD screen is easy to see indoors or outdoors and even in the dark
  • No paper manual is needed : User instruction and help function can be easily accessed on the device.
  • Water resistant : Guaranteed water-resistant to at least level IP54 (resistant to spraying water). Help reduce failures caused by sudden rain showers.
  • Use of rechargeable batteries: In these new models it is possible to use rechargeable bateries which make these meters environmentally-friendly. 24 hour continuous measurement is possible.
  • Continuous detailed measurements for one month : The meter can be use to conduct long-term measurements, such as environmental measurements.
  • Functionality can be extended by a range of options : Additional function can be added, such as simultaneous logging of raw data (100 ms Lp) and processed data (Leq and other indices), frequency analysis reverberation time measurement and long-term data recording.

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