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Sound Level Rion NL-62

Measure Frequencies from 1 to 20.000 Hz. Measure Low-Frequency Sound and Noise with a Single Unit.

With the auto store function included as standard, as well as a timer function and external power supply support. The NL-62 is ideal for continuous measurement. Designed for intuitive ease of use, there is no more need to consult the manual during a measurement. The large 3-inch color screen is bright and easy to read. Sudden rainfall is also no problem, thanks to the water-resistant construction. Using the optional octave and 1/3 octave band real-time analysis program NX-62RT (under development), the unit can even operate as a frequency analyzer. The High-Precision Sound Level Meter NL-62 supports all your measurement needs.


  • Large color LCD screen (3 inch0
  • No paper manual is needed (Help Function)
  • Water-resistant (IP54; except for the microphone)
  • Use of rechargeable batteries
  • Continuous detailed measurement for one month
  • Functionality can be extended by a range of options
  • Use of rechargeable batteries (or dry alkaline batteries)
  • Supports long-term measurements (up to about 1 month)

Measurement range :

  • A-weighting : 25 dB to 138 dB
  • C-weighting : 33 dB to 138 dB
  • G-weighting : 43 dB to 138 dB
  • C-weighting peak sound level : 60 dB to 141 dB
  • Z-weighting peak sound level : 65 dB to 141 dB

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