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Utra-high Accuracy CNC CMM MICROCORD LEGEX Series

  • The LEGEX series is an ultra-high precision CNC CMM with the world’s highest level of accuracy, made possible by rigorous analysis of all possible error-producing factors and the elimination or minimization of their affects
  • The fixed bridge structure and precision air bearings running on highly rigid guideways ensure superior motion stability and ultra-high geo-metrical accuracy. Through testing, using FEM structure analysis simulation, guarantees geometric motion accuracy that has minimal errors from fluctuations in the lad and other variables. In addition, other various technologies have been utilized in the structure of the drive unit, measuring against vibration, etc. to provide ultra-high accuracy
  • Equipped with a combination of a Mitutoyo ultra-high accuracy scale unit, an ultra-high accuracy crystallized glass scale with a coefficient of thermal expansion of almost 0 and a high resolution, high-performance reflection type linear encoder. It provides excellent position detection for premium performance.
  • All LEGEX high-precision series CMM’ are equipped with temperature compensation and therefore do not require a temperature controlled room. Accuracy is guaranteed within the range of 18 to 22°C
  • Many optional systems are available, including probes (contact and non-contact types), data processing units, and many other items to support the ultra-high accuracy measurement of a wide variety of work pieces. It is suitable for complex small to medium size workpieces such as a gear, bearing, lens, die, or scroll rotor which require high dimensional accuracy.


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